Public Training

We invite anyone to take up some free training to increase their life skills and life saving skills. These training units are a must for everyone.

  • Basic Survival Training
  • Safety in the Urban Community
  • Prepping for Emergencies
  • Civil Defence Preparedness (Overview only).

We encourage you to take advantage of these courses, when they become available for in-person training, conducted by available members at various events or venues.

Notices will be posted in our facebook pulse page and newsletter.

Members Only

Some of the free training courses offered through our training academy:

  • Civil Defence (Emergency planning and broad survival, a must for all members and quite extensive)
  • Advanced Survival Training levels
  • Especially tailored Survival First Aid (external provider with trauma medical experience)
  • Prepping related courses which cover food supply, important skills, bartering, bug out, bug in, and never returning bags (to accommodate different survival scenarios)
  • Life skills or field craft
  • Gardening edible food
  • Leadership Training programs and courses from Basic through to Advanced
  • Teamwork Training
  • Basic Radio Communications
  • Amateur Radio Foundation Licence Training
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Plus, many other courses relevant to prepping, surviving and leadership.

A little more about our training-

At the Australian Preppers Survival League, we encourage teamwork, courtesy and respect. This builds integrity and allows us to lead by example and build on leadership skills. Most of our members are trained to prep and survive through various methods such as basic training manuals, our online learning system, video and or classroom training. Through all this training, we can pass on knowledge and help build our communities into resilient survivor hubs who can prep and survive a potential crisis together. Membership enables you to refine your knowledge base with meetings, share knowledge or join advanced brainstorming sessions.

Above all else, training enables an opportunity for members to step up and assist in the administration of our league to better support each other in their respective communities. These kinds of survivalists are leaders, better known as Officers. They are entitled to access special and professional conduct training course and other courses to better serve our large-scale programs being developed for civil defence.