About Us

The Australian Preppers Survival League is a civilian operated, public benevolent and incorporated non-profit association, that was formed to create mutual assistance groups, to prepare for and survive potential crises. We are survivalists and we learn new skills whilst growing storage capacity for civil defence. We provide educational courses, limited products, resources and knowledge, that help Australians with realistic preparedness strategies, promoting a self reliant approach to protecting themselves, families, communities and society in the event of crises.

We are a reality based 'non alarmist' group that has a realistic and correctly built system to handle 'likely' events v unlikely events by prioritisation and active monitoring of constant changes in local and world events.

Registration Inc. No: A0110874R

Our members participate in civil defence either in their local area or wider areas, in the event of crises, because WE are the help until professional HELP arrives.

Our Vision is to become the premier association of preppers and survivalists in Australia and to survive anything that may affect our livelihoods in a crisis.


  • We are a voluntary league of extraordinary people, working together with the community to prepare for the survival of our members in the event of an emergency, disaster, financial collapse, society collapse, pandemic or any other factors which could bring harm to our members.
  • To provide training and leadership to assist the survival of our members in mutual assistance groups.
  • To provide, participate or support in a crisis, civil defence for the people of Australia.

The best approach to reliable, effective, affordable survivability is to join a community that is as large as possible and well prepared to deal with disasters, storms, viral pandemics, marauder threats, collapse conditions and crises.

One of our objectives is to attract and introduce individuals to the concept of self-reliance and autonomy, as well as supporting those having already established survival systems, whilst providing a grounding to introduce them to mutual assistance groups. The proof is clear that mutual assistance, ensures long term survival.

We are self-funded through fund raising and philanthropy. The Australian Preppers Survival League is an independent organisation and is not associated with, or sponsored by any religious, military, or other organisation. It is completely self-governing and self-supporting. Our members are proud to be a part of it, working very hard in their volunteer hours to carry out our mission.

Further this, the league wanted to give people an opportunity to be a part of an organisation that assists when it is absolutely urgently needed. The recent covid-19 Pandemic is an example of such a recent event which we are still experiencing the aftermath.

We welcome new members with friendly help and training, to assist in becoming leaders in their neighbourhood or community.

Every member of this organisation is treated as an extraordinary member. We dedicate our free time as volunteers. Our quasi-military structure is used to ‘serve’ and ensure orderly responses between members and the community. It is also in place for the prevention of anarchy when a crises evolves. In general, it is well known that without order, there is chaos with the distribution of any aid or support, within civil defence responses. Overall, who better to provide a civil defence than our prepping community who is in a prime position of having the right training, equipment and know how, to restore or maintain society, civilly.

Volunteer Support

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Australian Preppers Survival League relies on the help of a network of volunteers to carry out the various tasks which need to be fulfilled in order for us to exist.

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, these volunteer members bring a variety of different skills to the League and contribute in vital operational roles, to serve different functions in the operation of the league.

What we are not

We are not a vigilante group, motorcycle group, right wing extremist, armed militia, protest group, political group or civil unrest group. Those are against our purposes and do not assist our members to survive crises. We co-operate with official government agencies and our membership, who wish to inspect our transparent accounting and governance.


We welcome anyone, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs or other ideologies.

Background Check Requirements

Our senior Officers must be fully trained to a high standard for the esteemed positions. Further to this, It is also a requirement for background police checks and or working with children's checks, for those who come into contact with our cadets.

Our People

Consists of ordinary people with mixed levels of assistance. Some whom are specialists who offer expert knowledge and assistance and ordinary persons who are simply seeking to be prepared for themselves or their families and or community, in the event of a crisis.