Helping yourself, the community and society prepare for and survive major disasters and crises.

Prepping and Surviving Together.

Prepare equipment supplies, grow or store food, get some free training and provide a civil defence. This is because YOU are the HELP until professional HELP can arrive.  We are an exciting league of extraordinary people, growing storage capacity for the well being of society.

Contrary to what most people think, going it alone, will not extend your survival in a crisis. It is a known fact that can't be avoided. The only way to survive a crisis is to survive in groups. That is where the Australian Preppers Survival League is here to help. If your neighbourhood has no preppers, you have an opportunity to establish yourself as a leader, advancing your communities survival strategy capacity and civil defence. Welcome to modern prepping. We are survivalists who can get you prepared, established and connected with others in your local area.

Never in recent history has prepping been more important. Become a member and learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones when uncertain times arrive. Those who don't prepare, are first to perish, because they don't have any plans, training or information. If you rely on modern supply lines as your only means, your survival is limited to the amount of food in your pantry. Above this, you have a duty to help one another in society, in order to maintain our current way of life.

Local and extended area civil defence

Provide prepping help to ensure survivability workloads are spread, reducing the burden of having to do everything yourself

Unique knowledge base, training courses, information sharing, strategic comparisons, threat assessments, demonstrations and think tanks.

Focuses on the task at hand, such as surviving together


Get Connected with others in your local or wider area

We can help connect you with others in your local area or by supplying you with the tools to build your own local community. This in turn connects you with wider area support.

Access to Vital Training

Essential survival training to help you achieve a better chance of survival compared to doing it alone or being completely unprepared. This includes those who are lone survivors.

Share and Improve your Knowledge base of Prepping and Survival

Members share their knowledge with other members to assist each other in the event of a crisis.

Improving your chances of surviving, if you have to do it alone

There are some circumstances where you might have to survive alone. Membership means you will be better prepared and connected to survive.

Recognition for achievements

We recognise our own members achievements whilst also recognising external persons humanitarian achievements.

Civil defence for yourself and society

Be a part of a higher calling, do something great and get involved in helping those in need when a crisis strikes.


The Australian Preppers Survival League is a civilian operated, public benevolent non-profit association that was formed to create mutual assistance groups. We are survivalists learning new skills and...

We are proud to provide some free life skills and life saving training courses with our A.P.S.L Academy.


What our members say

I really enjoy being a part of this fantastic organisation. The recent covid19, flood and fire emergencies has shown how vulnerable we can be when supply chains are cut off, communications go down and people become isolated. I can help you with a response, by providing the training, sharing of knowledge, and assisting you to prepare your local community in surviving together. We are offering leadership training with planning, and a civil defence outlook to help the community restore. We are prepping and SURVIVING TOGETHER.


After being approached to join, I immediately struck a rapport with the League’s values to aid and assist people in need of survival skills in extreme times of trouble.

I capitalised on the opportunity to become a valued contributor in the League, as Chaplain, where I can offer humanitarian assistance, mentoring services, coaching, and not to mention Christian guidance, insights and encouragement, when required, in alignment with the League’s noble cause, God forbid a crisis ever warrants it. Keep an eye out for my articles that I will post from time to time that aim to bless you.

Senior Chaplain G.L

Plan and collaborate our survival together

INACTION and lack of preparation will leave you vulnerable

Join in with like-minded people. Find your prepping and survivability purpose whilst helping yourself, others, your family, friends, or neighbours to survive. Prepare to support your community or get out there and support areas in need.

Get yourself some training and at the ready for a crisis, we are survivalists, ready to offer civil defence.

In the spirit of reconciliation the Australian Preppers Survival League acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.