A.P.S.L Commissioned Officers

Commissioned Officers form the committee administration management of the league. This involves administration skills, but also involves different levels and areas of crisis assistance, some with expert skill sets. These ranks are signified by gold stripes. The more gold stripes area, the more the responsibility. Commissioned Officers receive their commissions ceremonially. Commissioned Officers are also able to perform the activities of other ranks, since a commission does not absolve them of preparatory survivalist workings.


This rank is allocated to new officers or those who have expert skills, experience/qualifications which are in demand during a crisis. Officers are appointed by elections or in special circumstances where they are promoted by senior command. They may take command of the day to day running of a district area or provide support in areas where their skills are important or required.


Commands a district area.


Organises the day to day running of a municipality area.


Commands a municipality area.

Lieutenant Colonel

This is an esteemed rank, for the day to day command and oversight of a state area.


This is a distinguished rank which commands a state area, reporting all aspects, meetings and operations to the National Command.

Lieutenant General

This is a honoured rank which commands the day to day running of National command with oversight of the states.

Secretary General

This is a honoured rank and national director.

Note: rank responsibilities and oversight are subject to change.