A.P.S.L Cadet Ranks

Our Cadet Ranks are our youth ranks under the age of 18. Their rank insignia is signified by a lighter shade of blue as it's background. This ensures that the Cadets are only overseen by adults whom have completed special training and hold a current working with children's check. Often the cadets are tied in with their family, overseen by their parent/guardian members. There are currently six cadet ranks. Some cadets form local units, where there is demand for our youth program.


Junior Cadet

A junior cadet is a child member whose age is between 5-13.  A junior cadet does not lead anyone, but aspires to increase their skills and get involved, leading to become a cadet. Junior cadets do not have any insignia and often do not wear a uniform, but some who are attached to a local unit wear a royal blue polo. All Junior cadets wear their membership identification as required.


Cadet Recruit

A cadet recruit is in training to become a cadet survivalist. They have no insignia since it's not a rank, but do wear plain uniforms.



A cadet is a youth member 13 years and older who has been upgraded to the status of 'survivalist'. This is the result of their prepping efforts, minimum number of basic training units completed and fully inducted. A cadet does not lead anyone, but aspires to increase their skills and get involved.


Leading Cadet

Leading cadets lead their immediate household of cadets or a small number of 2-3 cadets in their neighbourhood. Leading cadets can assist a cadet corporal by filling in when the cadet corporal is unavailable.

(Special consideration is given to solo members who may earn this rank as recognition of their service or contributions.)

Cadet Corporal

Cadet corporals are in charge of their extended family or 4-6 cadets inclusive of a leading cadet. Cadet corporals can fill in when Cadet Sergeants are unavailable.

Cadet Sergeant

Cadet Sergeants are in charge of 2 or more groups of cadet corporals and their cadets. Currently this is the highest Cadet rank available and it offers the opportunity to be recognised for a ranked promotion when the cadet reaches adult age of 18. (A.P.S.L recognises cadets achievements and further fosters their leadership by issuing an appropriate adult ranked promotion.



Note: rank responsibilities, oversight and number of ranks are subject to ongoing improvement changes.