Geographic Area Structure of A.P.S.L

The Australian Preppers Survival League are present with members across Australia, split up into different areas of operation, tying in with current Australian Government States, Territories, Municipalities and Ward areas defined by their respective level of government. This is an explanation of our geographic area structure and it's leadership:


Family Unit or Individuals

(Led by Corporals/Leaders)

This is a starting point for new leadership in the league. A new leading member can either be an individual or part of a family unit. Individuals are able to join in with family units or with other individuals. The family unit is led by leader(s). The leader is appointed by voting or agreement since the position is non centralised. Family units can have multiple leaders, and individuals can be promoted to leader if they are proactive in their neighbourhood area.


(Led by a Corporal)

A neighbourhood is generally as small as a street, court or road area etc. right up to a few nearby streets combined. This consists of multiple family units or groups of individuals, led by a Corporal. Corporals can be appointed by Sergeants in their community and are able to lead extended family units or a small group of individuals in the neighbourhood.


(Led by a Sergeant)

A community is made up of multiple neighbourhoods and is led by Sergeants.

District Command

(Commanded by a Lieutenant and Led by a Warrant Officer)

A district is an area known as a ward in local government areas. It covers the geographic area as mapped by the local government area. We refer to these wards more appropriately as districts. The district's operations are run by Warrant Officers and commanded by a Lieutenant.

Municipality or L.G.A (Local Government Area) Command

(Commanded by Majors and Captains)

A municipality is the geographic area as defined by state governments in allocating local government areas, also known as L.G.A. . Municipality operations are executive run by Captains and commanded by a Major.

State / Territory Command

(Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel's and Colonel's)

A state is an area defined by the Government as a State or Territory area. This is executive run by Lieutenant Colonel's and commanded by a Colonel.

National Command

(Commanded by the Secretary General and his Lieutenant General)

The national Headquarters, is the overarching leadership throughout Australia. It's operations are executive run by Lieutenant Generals and commanded by the Secretary General. The national command sets the mandate from national operations, filtering down to all other areas.