Paramedic Ambulance Assistance and First Responders, Not Reliable in Metropolitan Victoria

Are you happy with the emergency paramedic services available to you in Metropolitan Victoria?

It appears that over successive years, prior to Covid-19 and now, Ambulance Victoria and Fire Rescue Victoria (whom are first responders) combined, have not been able to meet suitable life saving response times.

Systematic duck shoving and responsibility shifting by the Government and their Bureaucracy has meant that Victorians are DYING. This is because the services can’t respond quick enough. Does 6 hours sound like a suitable response time for an Ambulance?. We think not, but the call was categorised as a code 2 or 3 (seems like the call prioritisation is also confused between codes), so why did it take 6 hours? (It’s not good enough).

Please review the following news item from the ABC as a point of reference:

As is reported, Ambulance Victoria make several claims about their delay, but the reality is, on this occasion a women in her 30’s has now passed away. Our sincerest condolences goes out to her family, and it has not gone unnoticed. We believe that in a covid-19 world, budgets and thoughts have shifted, so we might just be on our own.

The case above is an appalling situation. It could be your sister, it could be your brother, it could be your son or daughter, or even your best friend. The fact is, these senseless deaths could have been prevented. Can we rely on the emergency responders to save lives? I suppose we can, but it depends on where you live and whether the responders are stuck ‘ramping’ at hospitals with patients waiting to be processed.

In light of this situation, we think it would be prudent to better prepare ourselves for the inevitable in an emergency. A way to do this, could be with the following ‘3 point action list’:

  1. Set up a trusted set of family or friends to dial after calling for an ambulance. Get someone on the way, instead of ‘just an ambulance’.
  2. Get some higher level first aid training in the family and extended family. I’m not referring to basic first aid, I’m referring to something along the lines of customised emergency survival first aid, the type of first aid courses that provide specialised training by medical experts and tailored for survival scenarios. Better training means saving lives.
  3. (If Finances are possible), purchase some higher level equipment such as an Automated External Defibrillator. Ensure that there is one in each household, or at least one for a large extended family and in an accessible position by members of the entire family/extended family. Further this by preparing other first aid gear as people generally do.

You really have to ask yourself, what’s important to you, that shiny new car? Or that major investment property? Perhaps it’s time to re-think our investments and invest in some self help preparation to equip yourself with the ability to ‘fall back’ on a ‘backup plan’ rather than none at all. Most people I have interviewed, have told me they rely completely on the emergency responder services, mostly the Ambulance. But in light of a growing trend of issues, it’s time to change your strategies in Victoria and perhaps other parts of Australia. Let us know what’s happening in your state, we welcome your comments.

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