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Australian Preppers Survival League

Cadets provide a way for youth to join in and participate in training and prepping. This offers a great opportunity to get involved with your family (if family member(s) have joined), creating a survival unit. If that's not the case, you can join other nearby youth (depending on availability), or simply participate as an individual cadet.

New cadets are invited into the league's Induction course, commencing as an associate cadet.

This takes you through a basic course covering day-to-day operations and introducing you to important fundamentals.

(Note: completion of the induction course is not compulsory, but failing to do so will stall your progress.)

Upon completion of induction, your welcomed as a new member known as a "cadet recruit" and then attached to your family (if applicable) in your local area. If your local area does not have any existing members, this gives you an ideal opportunity to step up your leadership, and help promote membership.

The next step is to complete further training to achieve your status as a trained 'cadet', elevating yourself to the level of a survivalist.

Note: We understand that in some instances, it is not possible to join a group or connect with local members. If this is the case, we also accept and welcome individuals. For example, in a remote living scenario, it's not always possible to group together with others.

Cadets are involved in a safe environment through our strict Cadet Protection Program Training. This training is compulsory for all adults who interact with cadets and requires them to also have a compulsory working with children's check, applicable in their state/territory.

Different requirements are set for Cadets who are involved with their immediate parental family members. New cadet applications require parental permission, this can be provided in the sign up page or in your account details page.

We look forward to receiving your registration and helping you start your young journey to prepping and surviving together. You can never be too young to start preparing for emergencies or crises.

Joining the cadets has given me an excellent opportunity to learn some seriously important new prepping skills and life skills. It let's me join my parents in our journey to ensure our survival.  Prepping and surviving together is my way and our way always.

Cadet Recruit

Member Benefits

Get Connected with others in your local or wider areaTypography

We can help connect you with others in your local area or by supplying you with the tools to build your own local community. This in turn connects you with wider area support.

Access to Vital Training

Essential survival training to help you achieve a better chance of survival compared to doing it alone or being completely unprepared. This includes those who are lone survivors.

Share and Improve your Knowledge base of Prepping and Survival

Members share their knowledge with other members to assist each other in the event of a crisis.

Improving your chances of surviving, even if your alone

There are some circumstances where you might have to survive alone. Membership means you will be better prepared and connected to survive.

Recognition for achievements

We recognise our own members achievements whilst also recognising external persons humanitarian achievements.

Humanitarian Assistance

Be a part of something great and get involved in helping those in need when a crisis strikes.

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