Foundation Level Amateur Radio Licence Course

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In this course, you will simply watch some videos which will visually cover both the theory and the practical components that you need to know for your foundation licence assessment. It does not replace the need to have the book “Your entry into amateur radio” and combines with the ‘in person’ training as an extra supplement for your learning. If your not able to attend in person, this course enables you to learn online and perhaps sit a video assessment depending on assessor availability for your assessment.

The videos provided in this course is attributed to Ron Bertrand VK2DQ from the Radio and Electronics School. Ron is an expert in his field and is the author of many materials in amateur radio learning.

There are three licence options, Foundation>Standard>Advanced. This is for the Foundation entry level, which compared to other countries, gives great access to many bands like never before!.

There is no morse code learning requirement.

Last Updated: 16 November 2022.