Programs and Events

We get involved in the community with various applications and initiatives in support of promoting prepping and survival for humanity. Our community efforts are many and varied, with involvement undertaken by volunteer members, dedicating their spare time setting up community prepping and survival programs or emergency response provisions. Our programs include:

  • Civil Emergency Response (C.E.R)

Training equips members with basic disaster response skills such as team organisation, disaster medical operations, fire safety, and light search and rescue. In a real disaster, C.E.R team members are taught to apply this training to their homes, and then their neighbourhoods.

During a large incident, C.E.R members will be activated to support response or recovery activities in the local area. C.E.R members are not expected to act as professional responders, but to serve as help until the emergency services arrive. (If emergency services never arrive, it is continued, until they do). Vetted and trained member responders can then task them with functions that will assist the entire community. Outside of disasters and emergencies, C.E.R members are encouraged to engage the community with disaster preparedness training, support local events, and complete A.P.S.L academy training units, to build their skill set.

  • Amateur Radio and C.B Radio communication operations, training and broadcasts

Involvement with radio equipment means we can practice our skills and participate in training exercises and contests, to keep our radio skills sharp and skilled.

  • Special events

We exhibit or organise special events, allowing the members to represent our organisation and get involved in the larger community with demonstrations of prepping and survivability, as well as running public training. Some of the exhibits which we set up or attend:

  • Prepping and Survival Exhibitions.
  • Amateur Radio Events.
  • Australia Day exhibits.
  • Various Country Show exhibits.
  • Emergency Services Exhibits.
  • Fire preparedness days held by various fire services across Australia.

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