Programs and Events

We get involved in the community with various applications and initiatives in support of promoting prepping and survival for humanity. Our community efforts are many and varied, with involvement undertaken by volunteer members, dedicating their spare time setting up community prepping and survival programs or humanitarian aid provisions. Our programs include:

  • Local Community/Neighbourhood Emergency Response (L.R) 'ready to go' in a crisis.
  • Humanitarian Emergency Response Teams (H.E.R.T), to provide supplies/food in Emergencies or Disasters, by air, land or sea.
  • Community Urban Farming, to provide capacity for food supply.
  • Amateur Radio Communication and Broadcasting.

We also exhibit at special events, allowing the members to represent our organisation and get involved in the larger community with demonstrations of prepping and survivability. Some of the exhibits which we set up or attend:

  • Prepping and Survival Exhibitions.
  • Australia Day exhibits.
  • Various Country Show exhibits.
  • Emergency Services Exhibits.
  • Fire preparedness days held by various fire services across Australia.