Basic Survival

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This training equips you with the fundamental knowledge required to survive in an unknown area. e.g. the bush forest, desert, open plains, hills etc. This course is the most important training you will ever do, it’s a bit like emergency first aid, it is essential training for everyone.

Question: I don’t go to unknown areas, I live in the city, so is this really necessary?

The answer is YES, it’s necessary because something can happen at any time, so you need to know the fundamentals in case of a crisis.

EXAMPLE 1: You might be camping with some friends and for some unforeseen reason, they have departed in an emergency, leaving you behind.

EXAMPLE 2: You might have fallen prey to a kidnapper, and you were left in an unknown area, waking up to realise your on your own.

EXAMPLE 3: You might find yourself travelling somewhere and something happens during your journey that leaves you stranded in the unknown, or a natural disaster might strike and you’ve found yourself in the unknown.

At the completion of this unit, a downloadable document will be available for future reference and refresher, inclusive of a certificate.

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